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So lets discuss another important topic. Lets title this topic "Timing". Everything in life I'm sure you heard is all about the right timing. Buying a new vehicle? When is the best time? Beginning of the month, middle or end of the month? When's the best time?

The same goes for buying or selling a property. Your home or  investment property etc. So how do you know when its the best time?

I have valid and timely information that helps buyers and sellers decide when the time is right. 

It's been a nightmare for many in the market who have entered at a less than appropriate time. I've counseled hundreds of buyers and sellers on this topic. I can help you too. I work by appointment only. Whether you're ready to sell or purchase we can analyze your personal situation to decide if the timing is right for you. Perhaps it is, perhaps its not the ideal time. We can discuss the timing factor and devise the best plan that works in your best interest.  Keep in mind that large Real Estate investors time the purchase and sale of their assets using critical market data. Don't you think that perhaps you should too?  After all it would be in your best interest wouldn't it?

I work by appointment only. Appointment times always fill up fast. You can call me direct at 856-906-0174 or email me if you'd like at or


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Murray Rubin

Licensed Real Estate Broker in NJ and PA.

Real Estate Consultant and Visibility Strategies


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